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Olivia and her dog Barkley are inseparable. He’s her sidekick, her partner in crime-fighting, doing good deeds, and sniffing out clues. They’re the perfect pair. But one day, Barkley has to slow down and retire from being Olivia’s sidekick. Olivia tries to keep on fighting crime, but it’s just not the same without her trusty companion. Then, Barkley is gone, leaving Olivia heartbroken!

She misses her friend so much that she dreads falling asleep because she doesn’t want to wake up without Barkley. She struggles to think how she can keep being a superhero without her sidekick in tow.  Gradually, however, she realises that Barkley wouldn’t want her to be unhappy for the rest of her life. Find out how Olivia learns to be happy again, while always remembering Barkley and the wonderful adventures they had together.

A heartwarming tale about love and loss, Saying Goodbye to Barkley will help any children who are struggling after losing a pet, or someone close to them. Its beautiful illustrations will captivate young minds, while its loving and caring message will help them feel better in the toughest of times. Follow Olivia’s story to see how she managed to stay positive by caring about others and keeping her heart open!
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Format Trade Paperback 32 Pages
ISBN 9781925820447
Size10.04 in x 9.65 in / 255.00 mm x 245.00 mm
Published Date February 11th, 2020
Devon Sillett
Devon Sillett is a former radio producer, turned writer and reviewer. Born in the US, Devon now calls Australia home. She has loved books as long as she can remember — so much so that she even married her husband Matthew in a library! Currently, she teaches in the writing department at the University of Canberra, where she is also a PhD student, researching Australian children’s picture books. If she isn’t writing or reading, you’ll find her playing Lego or hide-and-seek with her two young sons, Jay and Aaron. Her first picture book, The Leaky Story, was published by EK in 2017. She is also the author of Saying Goodbye to Barkley (2019, EK Books) and Scaredy Book (2020, EK Books)


Nicky Johnston

Nicky Johnston is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. She has several bestselling titles published in Australia and overseas, including At the End of Holyrood Lane, The Fix-It Man, Grandma Forgets, The Incredibly Busy Mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp, Saying Goodbye to Barkley, This is My Dad and Upside-Down Friday, all published by EK Books. Nicky’s illustration style is often described as whimsical, playful, narrative, emotive and colourful. She loves to work in watercolour, ink, pencils and pastel. As a primary teacher and acclaimed presenter, Nicky’s love of books sees her thoroughly enjoy taking illustrator workshops and visiting schools regularly. She is passionate about inspiring young children with a love for reading, writing and drawing, encouraging them to use their imagination and develop their own ideas. Nicky lives by the beach with her husband and four sons.

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