Deep Below

Subtitle A fishy tale of friendship

Dov Citron
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Description Description Deep Below is a magical tale of unusual friendships and adventure. Deep in the darkest place in the sea, a volcano erupts. This sudden incident forces a group of strange and wonderful deep-sea creatures to set off on a journey of discovery. Along the way they forge unusual friendships, discover a world they never knew existed, and meet challenges they could not have possibly expected as they follow a giant sperm whale in search of a new home. This is a rhyming tale of undersea adventure and discovery like no other.

Follow the funny and heart-warming story of the creatures who live in the midnight zone, a largely uncharted world deep in the sea which is home to some of the planet’s most extraordinary creatures. Meet the wise sperm whale, the nervous sea snail, the accident-prone lantern fish, the wacky octopus, the inquisitive puffer fish and the mysterious hatchet fish: just a few of the amazing and wonderful creatures brought to life through Dee Riley’s quirky illustrations. Inspired by the stories created for his own children, Dov Citron’s fun, rhyming story is a tale of undersea adventure and discovery like no other.
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Format Paper Over Board 64 Pages
ISBN 9781787117464
Size8.50 in x 11.00 in / 215.90 mm x 279.40 mm
Published Date May 31st, 2022
Dov Citron
Dov Citron is a family entertainer, actor, poet and children's book author. He was born in Edgware near London, and studied Performing Arts at Amersham and Wycombe College, then gained a BA Hons Degree in Theatre at  Leeds University in 1999. After graduating, he worked for Thomson Holidays and Lively Arts as both a hotel entertainer and an actor. He then worked in television and theatre. Dov’s alter ego, Captain Calamity, started out as a family entertainer, and is the star of The Captain Calamity Adventures, which can be found on both YouTube and in Dov’s self-published books.Dov currently resides in Edgware with his wife Kelly and two sons Zak and Luca, who often provide him with ideas and inspiration for his stories.
Dee Riley
Dee Riley is a London-based author, artist, stage performer and illustrator. Dee spent the first 15 years of his career performing as a stage and close-up magician all over the world for different stage shows and private events, with several set residencies in and around London. Magic isn't his only passion, Dee is also an accomplished portrait artist with his collection ‘Emotif’ focusing on well known people from history who have given happiness to others, yet have suffered real tragedy within their lives. He wrote and illustrated his own book, which then led  to illustrating for other authors. Dee has illustrated three of Dov Citron’s children’s books, all of which have a strong message about the importance of adventure, family bonds and global issues. Dee continues to create private illustrations for clients as well as showcase his work in gallery showings. 
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