Subtitle The complete guide for your 1990s to 2000s car

Julian Edgar
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Modifying the Electronics of Modern Classic Cars is the complete guide to modifying the electronics of your modern classic car.

Cars of the 1990s and 2000s have sufficient electronic systems to achieve great outcomes, but they’re not so complex that they’re impossible to modify. The missing link, until now, has been a hands-on manual on how to achieve those results. Well, here it is! 

This book covers everything from cheap modifications that allow you to adjust engine fueling and ignition timing, to modifying car systems like power steering and even stability control. Easy upgrades to lighting, sound systems and the dashboard - right through to fitting and tuning programmable engine management. Photos and circuit diagrams guide you each step of the way.

All the car modifications are practical, and have been tried and tested by the author. From a 660cc turbo front-wheel drive screaming to 8500rpm on standard engine management but with big injectors… to a DOHC V8 rear-wheel drive with modified traction control… to a twin-turbo all-wheel drive with a custom torque split controller. Even modifying the re-gen braking on a hybrid!

Modifying the Electronics of Modern Classic Cars is essential reading for anyone who wants to exploit the true electronic potential of their 1990s-2000s cars.
Series WorkshopPro
Format Trade Paperback 256 Pages
ISBN 9781787113930
Size8.15 in x 9.84 in / 207.01 mm x 249.94 mm
Published Date March 19th, 2019
Julian Edgar
Julian Edgar has worked as a teacher, writer, editor and photographer. He edited a national Australian automotive print magazine before working at an on-line car magazine for 18 years. He has contributed articles to automotive publications in the UK, the US and Australia; has written for electronics publications for more than 25 years, and currently contributes to a leading UK hobbyist electronics magazine. Julian is a hands-on modifier who performs all work on his cars himself in his home workshop. He has fitted and tuned programmable engine management, developed electronic automotive kits, and has undertaken cutting-edge electronic modifications, including hybrid cars. 
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