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John Henshaw
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In 1940 Great Britain was in dire straits and facing Nazi invasion.  Twenty-four destroyers had been lost during the Dunkirk evacuation.  Winston Churchill asked the United States' President Roosevolt for 'the loan of forty or fifty of your oldest destroyers'.  He got them - eventually.  In response to Churchill's request, and in return for the use by the US of British bases in the Caribbean, fifty mothballed 'flush-deck' destroyers of the United States Navy were supplied to the Royal Navy.  This book presents a comprehensive history of their service, to their operational use and a detailed assesment of their service and achievements.
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Published Date August 21st, 2018
John Henshaw
John Henshaw was educated at Wesley College and Melbourne University.  Since creativity and the discipline of a naval career tend to be incompatible, he made a career choice he often regrets, to design and construct buildings for most of his working life.  As the Australian equivalent of a Chartered Surveyor, his business life was engaged in all aspects of property development.  His 2008 essay, 'HMAS Albatross: White Elephant or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?' won Second Prize in Australia's League Essay Competition.  He has had various articles published in yachting magazines and won a cruising yacht design competition.
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