Harriet Stone
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Monkey loves her friends. They are all so different! Lion has a shaggy mane, Elephant has a looooong trunk and Wildebeest has BIG horns. But what does Monkey have? Turn the pages and watch the faces change in this playful board book about being proud of what makes you different

Simply by turning the page, the Venetian movement causes the animal’s expressions to change in front of your eyes! Reading the humorous story and watching the animated illustrations with your child will help them learn about different facial expressions and the emotions they convey.

  • Supports your child's emotional intelligence
  • Builds cognitive skills
  • Celebrates uniqueness and self-acceptance
Subject area:
Series Little Faces
Format Board Book 18 Pages
ISBN 9780711245532
Size5.67 in x 5.67 in / 144.00 mm x 144.00 mm
Published Date January 21st, 2020
Carles Ballesteros
Carles Ballesteros was born in Badalona, near Barcelona, in 1977. He now lives in Santiago de Chile and has lived there since 2011, where he teaches illustration classes at the local University and works as an illustrator for various publishers. Carles uses a mixture of traditional drawing skills with digital techniques to create his work.
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