Subtitle Honest conversations about grief and loss

Sally Douglas, Imogen Carn
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Description Description A comforting support group in book form. A must-read for grievers.' - Ellidy Pullin

'Good Mourning is a gift – the package you leave on the doorstep of anyone rocked by grief when you don't have the words.' -Jessie Stephens, author of Heartsick

Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn met after the sudden deaths of their mothers only months apart. Their experiences led them to launch a podcast, and their no-holds-barred, relatable approach to talking about grief sparked a growing following of people eager to have honest conversations about what it really feels like to deal with loss.

Good Mourning is a compassionate survival guide for anyone dealing with grief – the kind of book Sal and Im wish they'd had to help them through the dark times. Here they shine a light on the many ways grief can impact our lives (hello ugly crying, exhaustion and 'grief brain'). Along with expert advice from clinical psychologist Tamara Cavenett and warm words and insights from hundreds of others who've experienced grief, the authors offer practical tips on coping with isolation and loneliness, navigating grief at work, managing milestones and so much more.

Whether you're one month in or ten years down the track, Good Mourning will help you make sense of life after loss — and know that you're not alone.
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Format Trade Paperback 304 Pages
ISBN 9781922616319
Size6.02 in x 9.21 in / 152.91 mm x 233.93 mm
Published Date May 2nd, 2023
Sally Douglas
Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn are co-hosts of the top-rated podcast Good Mourning and the Instagram account @goodmourningpodcast.
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