Subtitle Simple, sustainable recipes and know-how for everyday delicious meals

Tom Walton
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Description Description Not everything has to be battered and crumbed!

In the past we have been more concerned with the cost at the cash register rather than the actual value of, taste, nutrition and sustainability of the meal on our plate. But times are changing. Now more than ever we're concerned with the cost to our health, to our children's health and to the planet. We are questioning how we balance feeding our family while supporting the planet. One delicious answer is to eat more sustainable seafood and seasonal veg.

More Fish, More Veg is simple and helpful as it sounds. A cookbook that demystifies the subject of cooking fish and seafood by teaching the basic cooking methods and techniques for different seafood that can then be mixed and matched with multiple vegetable recipes. Offering a sustainability and seasonal guide to Australian seafood with tons of advice on substitutions, the questions to ask at the fish counter, as well us utterly addictive shortcuts to banging flavour. Veg recipes blow apart any preconceptions of vegetable-centric food being unsatisfying, only for health nuts, or boring. Recipes are full of life and colour, flavours and textures beyond boiled and baked. It's a celebration of deliciousness with easy recipes that will become staple favourites at your place.
Format Trade Paperback 256 Pages
ISBN 9781911668503
Size7.48 in x 9.44 in / 189.99 mm x 239.78 mm
Published Date September 6th, 2022
Tom Walton
Tom Walton is an award-winning chef and restaurateur, co-owner of Bondi's The Bucket List, Nudefish Poke, and Deus in Camperdown. He was head chef at Damien Pignolet's Bistro Moncur where he worked for six years honing his French technique. But it has been in developing family-friendly recipes and videos in recent years for the home cook that he has inspired a tribe of dedicated fans for his riotously colourful, veg-centric, bold-flavoured recipes. As a teenager, Tom grew up learning about produce and cooking from his neighbour and adopted Lebanese grandmother. His food now naturally tilts towards Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours. Tom lives in Sydney with his wife and three young children.
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