Subtitle Creating a safe and harmonious relationship

Melissa Fallon, Vickie Davenport
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Children and dogs both benefit mentally and physically from a harmonious relationship. Dogs help to develop empathy and social skills in children, as well as build their confidence. It is, however, important to also develop this confidence in our dogs, and prepare them to be around babies and children. Bite prevention is vital, and, therefore, we need to teach our dogs and children how to behave correctly around and with each other.

'Babies, Kids and Dogs' will help you to create safe, positive and harmonious relationships between your children and your dog, and allow your dog to relax in the presence of children. Included within are instructional colour photographs, tables to assist with assessing and training your dog, and step-by-step training exercises. Educational illustrations of 'Charlie and Champ' will also help engage your young children, in order to teach them about behaving appropriately when interacting with their canine friends. Throughout the book are ideas to promote safe interactions, and develop lifelong friendships.

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Format Trade Paperback 96 Pages
ISBN 9781845848903
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Published Date December 1st, 2016
Melissa Fallon

Melissa Fallon is a highly qualified behaviourist, who works as both a behaviour and training lecturer, and as a clinical behaviourist and trainer. Gaining her MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln, UK, she has continued to develop her knowledge and skills, completing the Life Skills Training for Trainers course, and attending numerous conferences and seminars.

Melissa is also a mother of three, and has raised her children with her two beloved dogs at their home in York in the UK. She is passionate about promoting bite prevention, and raising awareness about the benefits of human-animal interactions within society.

Vickie Davenport

Vickie Davenport is a qualified and experienced dog trainer who began training and showing her pet dogs at Cruft's, when she was just 13 years old. After completing her Animal Behaviour degree in 2004 at the University College of Chester, Vickie went on to work in Thailand, where she carried out behavioural studies and cared for a range of species. Vickie has also worked for 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People' as a Dog Welfare Manager, and now teaches dog training and behaviour at degree level. Vickie lives and works in York, UK, and is a proud mum of two boys, and her two rescue dogs.

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