Moggy Goes to Cornwall!

Subtitle A Pirate Puzzle Adventure

Peter Walters
Price $11.99
Description Description Join Moggy the Morris Minor Traveller as he embarks on a fun-filled, interactive pirate adventure that will transport you to the wild and wonderful Cornwall coast.

Moggy is on the hunt for hidden treasure, and he will need your help to solve the clues left by cunning pirate Captain Redbeard. Journey from one landmark to the next, with clear illustrations to guide you, and a subtle palette that captures the colours of a timeless summer landscape.

Help solve the 12 engaging picture puzzles that young children will enjoy exploring again and again, on their own, or shared with an adult. Moggy's retro and friendly features and an entertaining narrative will see young readers bond with this loveable character, who is full of praise for their help along the way.

Children's author and artist Peter Walters follows his award-winning debut book The Hungriest Mouth in the Sea with another “mix of textures that adds an eye-catching dimension to his vibrant collages.” (Publisher's Weekly). Each of the uniquely illustrated challenges is imaginatively linked to the next, creating a refreshing storybook feel for the puzzle book genre.
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Format Trade Paperback 32 Pages
ISBN 9781787117730
Size8.07 in x 8.07 in / 204.98 mm x 204.98 mm
Published Date May 24th, 2022
Peter Walters
Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be...and for artist Peter Walters it is so much more. Binding his creative talent and love of literature, Peter has established a literary inspired portfolio shared with book lovers and art fans across the globe. With a background in Montessori childcare, Peter spent his formative years in America and The Netherlands, before returning to the UK in 2011. Since making his home amongst Cornwall's rugged landscape, Peter and his young family have embraced an outdoor lifestyle exploring this wild and beautiful county. It has proven to be an environment rich in inspiration and has helped Peter hone a style whose “mix of textures adds an eye-catching dimension to his vibrant collages.” (Publisher's Weekly) Through his work as an artist and children's author, Peter is passionate about promoting literacy and a life-long love of reading for people of all ages.
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