Subtitle From Cosmo 110S to RX-8

Marc Cranswick
Description Description An in-depth look at the development history of Mazda’s rotary power plant, and the model timelines of the vehicles these engines powered. You will discover how one small Japanese automaker remained independent and became famous by using a unique and pioneering engine.

Mazda Rotary-engined Cars examines the commercial ups and downs in North America, using rotaries to become a high performance icon and V8 alternative, and charting the racetrack achievements of Mazda rotary racers around the world, including in home-country Japan.

The story also reveals the pollution control and fuel economy challenges facing Mazda as they strove to keep rotary engines in production to satisfy high performance fans globally.  
Format Trade Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN 9781787117716
Size8.14 in x 9.84 in / 206.76 mm x 249.94 mm
Published Date December 14th, 2021
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