Cathy Meeus, Paul Lundberg
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Secrets of Shiatsu is the ultimate beginner's guide to shiatsu, explaining the history and principles of the therapy, along with an illustrated step-by-step routine, and easy to follow self-treatment remedies.

Part of the updated and reformatted Secrets of series, this book explores the secrets of shiatsu, including:
  • Preparing physically and mentally to give shiatsu
  • Basic shiatsu techniques and terminology
  • An extensive shiatsu routine
  • Shiatsu treatments to try on yourself
Derived from an Eastern healing tradition dating back nearly 2000 years, shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure”, is a relatively modern therapy that is gaining popularity in the West. It involves improving energy flow by applying pressure to stretching, or manipulating specific parts of the body. This book explains shiatsu terminology, describes the therapeutic value of the practice, and gives step-by-step instruction on how to perform shiatsu on yourself and others. Master these complex, often subtle techniques to help treat ailments such as anxiety, insomnia and back pain, and bring harmony to body and mind.

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Series Secrets of
Format Trade Paperback 224 Pages
ISBN 9781782405740
Size6.34 in x 8.07 in / 161.00 mm x 205.00 mm
Published Date November 8th, 2018
Cathy Meeus
Cathy Meeus has contributed to numerous popular health books over the past 30 years. Many of these have involved natural and complementary approaches to health and well-being.
Paul Lundberg
Paul Lundberg has been studying and practicing shiatsu since 1974, he is the co-founder of The Shiatsu College in London and is the author of The Book of Shiatsu/New Book of Shiatsu, which has been published in 15 languages. He currently lives most of the year in Tenerife and teaches courses and seminars on Shiatsu in the UK, Spain and many other countries.
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