Subtitle Nighttime Meditations and Reflections for Better Sleep

Emily Silva
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Wind down and discover your nighttime routine with Moonlight Gratitude: A Journal, where you can track and curate rituals that will give you the best night’s sleep, every night. 

Forgetting to slow down and prepare your body and mind for sleep can result in poor sleep patterns and have negative effects on your physical health, your mental state, and your productivity. Find your ideal meditations and rituals after a long day of work and progress with helpful prompts about your desires, dreams, and more. Meanwhile, develop your self-care and personal growth as you spend time being grateful for the moon and the hours of sleep it rules over.

The perfect companion to Moonlight Gratitude: 365 Nighttime Meditations for Deep, Tranquil Sleep All Year Long, the Moonlight Gratitude journal explores the concept of prioritizing sleep—what good sleep can do for your everyday life, your attitude, and how connecting with the celestial beings of the world can put your life into perspective. Some exercises guide you to habit-building and what you can do to get better sleep such as exercising, eating the right foods, and having less screen time. De-clutter your mind with list-making activities, helpful guides and prompts along the way.

One of the best ways to wind down and quiet the thoughts in your head is to intentionally writing them down and set them aside for the night. This beautiful journal helps you do just that.

The Everyday Inspiration Journals series has a guided journal for every self-improvement journey. Whatever your personal goal, whether it is to incorporate more positivity into your life, or to slow down and find calm, or to hone your spell-building craft, or something else, you will find in this series an elegant journal in which you can record your thoughts, aspirations, and progress. With a simple, easy-to-follow structure, each journal is filled with powerful prompts and helpful trackers to illuminate your way.

Other titles in this series include: Be Happy: A Journal, Beautifully Brave Journal, Find Your Mantra, Finding Gratitude: A Journal, Self Care, Spellcraft, and Everyday Calm.

Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9781631069345
Size6.30 in x 8.27 in / 160.02 mm x 210.06 mm
Published Date January 17th, 2023
Emily Silva

After spending many successful years working for corporations, Emily Silva decided to take the leap and quit her job to pursue her dreams. She had experience with training and coaching in the banking and wine industries and enjoyed helping others overcome obstacles and achieve goals, so she became a Life and Spiritual Coach. Silva believes everyone has the power to create the lives they dream of. It takes courage, openness, drive, and sometimes someone to hold them accountable and inspire them along the way. She is the author of Sunrise Gratitude, Moonlight Gratitude, and Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul.

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