Subtitle A Productivity Goal Planner

Matthias Hechler
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The action-oriented Success Journal provides a beautifully designed and fully organized space to determine your goals, break them into achievable steps, and record your progress.

Matthias Hechler developed the Success Journal as a result of his own personal discovery adventure, after finding that he didn’t need a standard planner/calendar or have time to do long mindfulness exercises included in other journals. This journal contains only one, quick morning routine to perform and includes concise prompts for each day. Set your goals in the first section, then get started on them in the structured daily journaling pages that follow.

The goal-setting part of the journal helps you find your personal values, set your goals, create a life vision, and get a clearer idea of who you are and what you want. It serves as a launchpad and base camp of how to work, record, and achieve what you want. You’ll learn how to visualize and evaluate goals, track habits, and create wish lists.

The daily journaling pages provide space to answer reflection questions, think, and record your daily goals. Prompts include: How do I feel today? What will I do today to achieve my goal? What can I do for other people today? What makes me grateful and happy? Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews are incorporated into the pages to help you accomplish your long-term goals.

Get your life on track with the Success Journal.
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Format Paper Over Board 280 Pages
ISBN 9781631066634
Size5.75 in x 8.25 in / 146.05 mm x 209.55 mm
Published Date September 17th, 2019
Matthias Hechler
Matthias Hechler is a German entrepreneur and author who has been involved with goal and personality development for many years. After using various productivity journals for a long time, he developed and refined his own, Success Journal, from his personal experiences, which quickly became one of the leading journals in the German-speaking world. Matthias’ mission is to teach as many people as possible how positive journaling and goals can change and influence their lives.
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