Subtitle 22 STEAM Projects That Magnetize, Glide, Slingshot, and Sometimes Scootch

Sam Haynor
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Experiment, learn, and imagine as you make the 20+ bubbling, honking, and illuminating projects in Curious Creatable Creatures. 

What can a creatable creature do? They stick, spit, glide, and one of them can even double as a wallet. Add a pair of legs, subtract a wheel...the best thing about these creatures is that they're part experiment, part imagination, and 100 percent customizable. Author Sam Haynor draws on his experience with the San Francisco Exploratorium, Oakland Toy Lab, Goldiblocks, and designing STEAM curriculum to create projects packed with features. While, on the outside, most appear to be built completely from common craft materials, they contain springs, circuits, magnets, and much more. The projects are safe and fun for younger kids working with adults, and most of them can be tackled by middle-graders with minimal adult help.
This unique project book built for open-ended exploration is perfect for crafternoons, homeschool activities, and parties.
Format Flexi-Bind 120 Pages
ISBN 9780760364451
Size9.00 in x 9.00 in / 228.60 mm x 228.60 mm
Published Date April 16th, 2019
Sam Haynor
Sam Haynor loves things that go whoosh, ping, doink, and bonk! Sam has below-average crafting skills, but an above-average love of pompoms. He graduated from some places and worked at others, and has been greatly inspired by his students and their incredible imaginations that never seem to stop inventing. While teaching, he became hooked on the idea that change in one’s life can come from making things that are personally meaningful—or even making things from trash. He really likes trash. Come find him at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, where he currently works as an Exhibit Developer. He’ll probably try to convince you to help him build something.
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